Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.aisoratech.com/


When visitors leave comments on the site we collect the data shown in the comments form, and also the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string to help spam detection.


When you upload images to the site, it is advisable to refrain from including images that contain embedded geographical location information (such as EXIF GPS data). Any location data embedded in images on the site can be downloaded and extracted by website visitors.


When you post a comment on our site, you have the option to consent to storing your name, email address, and website URL in cookies for convenience. This means you won't need to re-enter these details for future comments. The cookies will be stored for one year.

Upon accessing our login page, a temporary cookie is placed to check if your browser is set to accept cookies. This cookie doesn't hold any personal information and will be removed as soon as you close your browser.

Embedded content from other websites

Content on this site, such as videos, images, and articles, may be embedded from external sources. The behavior of such embedded content is identical to how it would appear and function on its original website.

These external websites might gather information about you, employ cookies, incorporate third-party tracking mechanisms, and observe your interactions with the embedded material. This includes monitoring your engagement with the content if you are logged into your account on those websites.

Data Sharing Recipients

Should you initiate a password reset, the email sent to you for resetting your password will contain your IP address.

Data Retention Duration

When you post a comment on our site, we indefinitely store the comment along with its metadata. This enables us to automatically identify and approve subsequent comments, bypassing the need for moderation.

Your Data Rights

If you possess an account on this site or have made comments, you're entitled to request a file containing all the personal data we have about you, which includes any information you've submitted. Additionally, you have the right to ask us to delete any personal data we have about you, except for data we're required to retain for administrative, legal, or security reasons.

Data Transmission

Comments made by visitors may undergo screening through an automated service to detect spam.